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Installation process and installation conditions of 100pcs per hour MDF hot press
Nov 21, 2018

The installation of 100pcs per hour MDF hot press is an important process as this operation will directly affect the use, operation, maintenance and maintenance of the hot press equipment. When installing, the main process flow is: foundation acceptance, pay-off → support bottom beam, bottom plate installation → frame installation → tension roller installation → pressure roller installation → heating roller installation → frame installation → guide roller installation → steel With installation → accessory system installation.


It should be noted that the installation basics must be level and level. And the installation can start after the concrete has completely solidified. The installation and packing drawings of the 100pcs per hour MDF hot press must be carefully checked during installation, and the equipment inventory should be detailed.


In addition to the necessary materials such as 100 pieces of MDF hot press body parts, parts, fastener bolts, etc., auxiliary materials such as wires, cables, welding rods, and oxygen are also required. In the selection of tools, cranes, trailers, electric welders, and reverse chain installation equipment are required.

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