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Introduction of the pressing cycle of HPL aluminum honeycomb lamination press
Nov 23, 2018

HPL aluminum honeycomb lamination press is one of the important components in the aluminum honeycomb press production line, which plays a very important role in the yield of the plate. It is a mechanical device that presses a rubber slab into a press through a plate loader and simultaneously heats and presses it to be pressed into a HPL aluminum honeycomb panel.


HPL aluminum honeycomb lamination press is composed of four parts: press body, hydraulic system, electric control system and heating system. When the slab enters the press position, the press equipment is turned on. At this time, the movable beam is rapidly lowered, the liquid filling valve is opened, and the oil and the hydraulic pump in the upper tank are simultaneously filled with oil in the working cylinder; when the upper plate is close to the slab, the liquid is filled. The valve is closed and the oil pump continues to be filled with oil; then it is pressurized to maintain the pressure at the required pressure or a defined stroke, and the system electromagnetic relief valve is unloaded.


During the pressure holding, when the pressure drops, the pressure is compensated by a small displacement pump. The high pressure holding time is up, the pressure is released in stages, and each step is kept for a period of time. After the completion of the pressurization, the movable beam is raised, the small displacement pump is first supplied with oil, the active part is self-weighted, and the slow return is made; after 3s~5s delay, the large pump supplies oil, and the working cylinder is quickly returned, and the oil supply is stopped after the position is reached. A suppression cycle is completed. The HPL aluminum honeycomb plate press stroke is controlled by a travel switch and the pressure is controlled by a pressure sensor.

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