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Introduction to the booting procedure of the melamine hot press
Nov 09, 2018

First of all, the inspection should be carried out before starting the machine, mainly to ensure that the supply of the melamine hot press material is continuous and sufficient according to the operation process, and the operation failure caused by the material supply defect is avoided. And the pad, the net, the hot plate and the upper plate must be kept clean. In addition, check whether the accumulator nitrogen pressure, fuel tank oil level, transmission part slip condition and electrical equipment operation are normal.


After checking and confirming, enter the start-up procedure. At this time, the oil pump, motor and board conveyor should be started to make the backing plate and slab enter the loading machine one after another. When the plate loading machine is full and the slab is loaded into the laminate floor hot press once, the relevant motors of the hydraulic system are started, the solenoid valve switches and the time relay switches are turned on, the press is closed, and the pressure is started.


If automatic operation is used, then the corresponding automatic control switches of the melamine hot press need to be opened; if manual operation is used, the lift, pressure drop and pressure hold should be carried out according to the process requirements. After the hot press cycle is over, the buck valve is turned off.

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