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Introduction to the practical application of door skin multi layer hot press
Jul 18, 2018

Door skin multi layer hot presses are usually pressed and bonded to furniture panels by cold pressing, as well as leveling and setting. For wooden doors and other panels, multi-layer door presses are widely used in furniture manufacturers, door manufacturers, decorative panels and other sheet metal production industries due to their advantages of good press quality, high speed and high efficiency.


The door skin multi layer hot press has a wide range of applications, and its structure adopts a spring-type synchronous closing design. Therefore, the user can stop at any position according to the production process in actual operation, that is, the limit control, and the residence time can be adjusted. The holding time and pressure are automatically controlled after setting. The press has two working modes: manual and automatic, which is convenient for customers to choose.


The multi-layer door skin press has high efficiency, safety and reliability, low energy consumption, multi-purpose machine, etc. It can meet the needs of customers and can work continuously. And because of the continuous improvement of the technical level, the functionality of the multi-layer door press has also been optimized and improved. Overall, the machine is easy to install and use, and easy to maintain.

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