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Key components and control output of Furniture Board Laminating Press
Jun 28, 2018

The pressure control instrument for the laminating press of the furniture board is the control core of the pressure system. It accepts the pressure signal from the pressure transmitter to a certain extent and controls the output according to the size of the received pressure signal. The pressurizing assembly of the laminating press of the furniture plate is a relatively complicated and key component and is composed of a solenoid valve and a booster pump.

The furniture laminator is mainly to inject its water into the closed container through its booster pump to a certain extent, so that the water pressure inside the container can continuously rise until the pressure set value is reached. When the pressure reaches the set value, the booster pump stops working, and the system enters a closed and constant pressure state and starts timing. In the process of constant pressure, the system can automatically compensate the pressure drop, so that the pressure energy can be kept in a relatively precise range.

After the constant-pressure timing of the furniture board laminator system is over, the pressure control instrument issues a pressure relief signal to control the pressure-relief pneumatic valve action so that the water in the airtight container leaks out and the pressure in the container drops accordingly. A micro-switch for the safety door is provided at the loading place of the product. Only after the safety door is closed, can the equipment begin to operate.

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