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Kitchen Cabinet Board Production Line Widely Used
Mar 07, 2018

When it comes to the popularity of kitchen cabinet board production line, in fact, it is not the same as carpentry furniture. First of all, that is, the price comparison (projection area) also in accordance with the projected area of the comparison, the overall cost is almost the same, but the cupboard production line to achieve mass production, to a certain extent, save cost.


In detail, kitchen cabinet board production line is the production of large-scale machinery equipment that is mechanized production, this time a reasonable design and management, making the utilization of the plate can be greatly enhanced; the worker's labor productivity also greatly increased, this time must be Will reduce the cost. (Projection area and expansion area conversion factor of 2.3-2.8 or so). In addition the configuration of the cabinet door whether it is done on-site custom or custom, are generally not included in the cabinet price.


The popularity of kitchen cabinet board production line, and the plate and its hardware are inseparable. When it comes to the material of the board, as long as it is a finished board produced by a formal large-scale enterprise, the quality is guaranteed. Plate is the difference between the different varieties of furniture for the general decoration company now playing field, because it is basically a manual operation, there is no professional equipment cabinet line production line is good, will lead to severe flaming particleboard, only with poor physical properties MDF or wood board.


Kitchen cabinet board production line in the actual time into the custom furniture hardware advantages, we must pay attention to the hardware itself is also included a rail, three ball guides, door hinges, special wardrobe hardware, connectors and so on. The use of cabinet board production lines produced by custom furniture because of the need for large-scale mass production, its overall quality and aftermarket will inevitably be protected.


With the cabinet board production line of regular manufacturers, this time will inevitably be the use of high-quality hardware support, and some brand manufacturers at this time will also use imported hardware supporting, quality assurance. And the cupboard production line produced products, even the hardware material has been guaranteed, then the overall quality of the product will be guaranteed, the extensive application of the production line will also be guaranteed.

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