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Laboratory desk board production line requirements and specifications
Jan 03, 2019

The working cylinder of the press of the Laboratory desk board production line is placed above the press, the cylinder piston moves from top to bottom, and the lower template is fixed. The male and female molds of the mold can be respectively fixed on the upper and lower stencils, and the lifting and lowering of the stencil can be realized to open and close the mold. Since the cylinder is placed above the press, the workbench is fixed, and the loading can be carried out on the workbench, which is convenient to operate and easy to achieve rapid down. The upper pressure hydraulic press is widely used, and the plastic hydraulic press produced in China is basically this type.

The working cylinder of the Laboratory desk board production line is placed under the press, and the cylinder piston pushes the movable beam to rise to pressurize the mold. The lower pressure hydraulic press has a lower center of gravity and good stability, and the cylinder is placed in the lower part of the fuselage, and the product can avoid oil leakage.

Laminated plastics generally use a push-down hydraulic press. The main parameters of the press are nominal pressure, plunger diameter, platen size and working stroke. The nominal pressure of the hydraulic press is the main parameter indicating the pressing capacity of the press, and is generally used to indicate the specifications of the press.

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