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Lateral Loading Lamination Press Advantages
Apr 21, 2018

After practice, it has been proved that the plates pressed by the transverse loading laminator are not only precise in thickness tolerance, but also have a uniform density distribution. This is what some ordinary laminators can't do, and this is why lateral loading lamination presses are favored by more and more users.


The lateral loading lamination press is in the process of pressing, because it only cuts the entire large and four sides of the laminator, and there is no great loss of trimming, which greatly improves the utilization of materials and reduces material waste. At the same time, the machine has a small opening, a short auxiliary time, a thin pre-cured layer, and a small amount of sanding. With a plate thickness of 16 mm, the amount of sand is only one-third that of a laterally loaded laminator.


Moreover, the lateral loading lamination press has simple control operation, the operator only needs to pay attention to one slab, and the automatic detection and perfection of the laterally loaded laminator can completely satisfy the automatic production under uncontrolled conditions; Low rate, long life of components, low maintenance cost, etc.


Because the products produced by the laterally loaded laminators are large-format specifications, they can be cut into non-standard size products of different specifications according to the needs of users, satisfying users' various needs. Moreover, the slabs are laid on the metal mesh belts, the transportation distance is short, and the pre-pressing machine is not used. The slabs and the mesh belts directly enter the transverse loading laminator. The thickness of the slabs is not easy to be damaged because of the symmetry of the thickness. The finished panels are not transform


Although the lateral loading lamination press has a large format and a large area, it does not require a pre-press and some conveyors and loaders. Therefore, the length of the entire bank is not too long. Compared to other pressing equipment, it is still able to Save space.

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