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Lateral loading lamination press production process and performance indicators
Jul 14, 2018

From the structural analysis, the lateral loading lamination press is mainly composed of a mold base, a press plate, a mold frame bead, a hydraulic system, an electric control system, a temperature control system, a safety system, and an auxiliary plate and a plate taking system. When two sets of template-loaded mold frames and matching pipe fittings are pressed into the transverse load laminating machine, the other two load-bearing templates are removed for pick-up and assembly, and are sequentially cycled.


Under normal circumstances, the production process of the lateral loading lamination press can be summarized as follows: firstly, the lower plate is placed, and then the mold frame is assembled → the parts are placed → the release agent is sprayed → the upper plate is placed and sealed → the laminating device is locked → Pouring PU foam → ripening molding → taking out the mold and taking the parts → repeating in order.


The performance index of the transverse loading laminator mainly includes two, one is the temperature and the other is the degree of vacuum. Temperature mainly refers to the accuracy and uniformity of the machine temperature. The so-called precision refers to the temperature difference between the set value and the actual value; the so-called uniformity mainly refers to the temperature difference between the points of the laminating machine table. Machines with good vacuum have a decisive influence on the bubble control in our actual production, and vice versa.

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