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Loading and unloading system and heating system of Synchronal lamination press
Dec 12, 2018

The Synchronal lamination press is mainly composed of a loading and unloading system, a heating system, a pressure system and a protection system. The loading and unloading system is composed of a sealing head, a loading rack, an oil storage tank, a cylinder, a solenoid valve and the like. Its function is mainly to use the gas-liquid device as the switching power to raise and lower the sealing head of the bearing product. The lifting action of the sealing head is controlled by a manual reversing valve. The system moves smoothly and vertically, which is conducive to the closing and sealing between the sealing head and the sealed container.


The heating system is also an important part of the synchronous laminator. The heating system consists of measuring elements, controllers and heaters. Its function is to raise the temperature and constant temperature of the water in the container, and the heat is conducted to the pressurized capacitor plate through the water to make it evenly heated.


During the operation of the synchronous laminator, the electric heating element generates heat after being energized and conducts heat to the water in the container to raise the temperature. In practice, in order to ensure that the water temperature can meet the process requirements, it is usually heated before feeding, and the water temperature is directly measured by a temperature detecting instrument. The container is in a high-pressure sealed state during operation, and the water temperature can only be measured and controlled by an intelligent digital display temperature controller. The temperature measuring element cannot directly measure the temperature of the liquid in the container, and only indirect measurement can be taken. Therefore, the selection and installation of components need to minimize the measurement error and control lag.

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