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Main features of pressure temperature finishing testing press
Nov 02, 2018

The pressure temperature finishing testing press has a high level of automation, and the machine has an automatic watering function during use and automatically replenishes water when the water level is too low during the test. The test process is automatically run to completion and is easy to use. The temperature control system of the machine adopts the LED digital temperature controller for setting, controlling and displaying the precise test temperature.


At the same time, it is equipped with accurate pressure gauge and temperature gauge, so that the pressure and relative temperature can be displayed at any time during the process of using the pressure and temperature finishing test machine, which is convenient for operation. When the machine is running, the water dispenser automatically discharges the unsaturated steam to achieve the steam quality. Moreover, the machine has good air tightness and long service life.


The pressure temperature finishing testing press is internally polished to maintain durability and non-staining. The user uses the optional electronic automatic temperature control system. The installation of the electronic temperature control system solves the problem of manually adjusting the temperature of the upper and lower hot platens of the press. It intelligently adjusts the heating system so that the temperature of the hot platen is automatically maintained at the customer's setting. Within the fixed temperature.

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