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Main process parameters and influence of large size lamination press
Dec 20, 2018

During the use of a large size laminator, the lamination temperature, the amount of compression, and the specific time of lamination will all be related to the final quality of the product. Lamination temperature is arguably the most critical factor. You can first test the curing curve of EVA at different curing temperatures, and then use these curves to determine the appropriate curing temperature.


At the same time, the size of the large-sized laminator is different, and the corresponding inflation time varies. Generally, the longer the inflation time, the greater the pressure, and vice versa. Also pay attention to the time of lamination. Lamination time is mainly related to the final degree of cross-linking of EVA. Finally, it is related to the performance of the laminator itself.


In general, the accuracy and uniformity of the temperature of a large size laminator is important. If the accuracy is low, there will be large fluctuations, and the temperature uniformity of the laminator will affect the uniformity of the EVA performance inside the laminated component, including the uniformity of mechanical and optical properties, which will affect the performance of the component. It has a big impact.

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