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Main technical features of 2800 ton flooring press
Sep 05, 2018

The 2800 ton flooring press is suitable for hot pressing veneers for furniture panels and laminate flooring. The machine's processing frame is usually made of high-quality steel, which completely solves the worries of the rack cracking. For the user, the 2800 ton floor press is fast, the machine is durable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and high in output. It is an ideal equipment for producing veneers and laminate flooring.


The main technical features of the 2800 ton flooring press are:


First of all, the whole machine has a high level of automation. It adopts the plc man-machine control interface, which is not only easy to operate, but also safe and reliable in performance, accurate in pressure curve control, thus ensuring the quality of the final pressed product.


Secondly, the frame design of 2800 ton flooring press is reasonable, the material selection is strict, and the advanced process balance is adopted. The key three working faces are machined to ensure the precision of the frame, thus ensuring the quality of the final product.


Thirdly, a secondary thermal cycle system is also arranged in the 2800 ton floor press, so that the upper and lower hot platens are precisely controlled to ensure the quality of the final pressed product.

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