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Maintenance of servo belt conveyor press and product quality assurance
Nov 16, 2018

The servo belt conveyor press is a commonly used equipment in industrial production. Due to the different products, the temperature limits are not the same. With the continuous improvement of industrial production technology, the types and parameters of servo belt conveyor presses are becoming more and more complicated. Therefore, in industrial production, it is necessary to choose a reasonable and scientific hot press parameters to improve the working efficiency of the hot press.


More importantly, the reasonable setting of process parameters can ensure the product's pass rate and ensure product quality. At the same time, maintenance work is also required during the use of the servo belt conveyor to keep it in good working condition for a long time. The surface of the press should be kept flat and smooth, and no metal hard objects should be allowed to enter, so as not to damage the hot platen.


In actual operation, it should be operated in accordance with the requirements of the operating specifications. It is easy to pinch dirt such as fibers between the lining plate and the pressure plate of the servo belt conveying press, and the lining should be removed regularly to remove the dirt. In short, it is important to properly operate, repair and maintain the servo belt conveyor press, which is directly related to the company's efficiency and equipment life.

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