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MDF Press booting state and unloading speed
Jan 10, 2019

The MDF Press needs timely maintenance during the operation, pay attention to its safety. When carrying out the operation, its hand must not be placed in the hot press plate. When the press is in the lightning lightning zone, it must stop and cut off the power. . Keep the oil circuit switch open.

When the MDF Press is turned on, its operators must not leave its position. The preheating press, after closing the press power supply, gradually raises the temperature under the premise of no pressure until it rises to the pressure With the temperature, it can be put into formal production to ensure the quality of the veneer, and the circulation pump is strictly prohibited from reversing. The rated oil pressure of this machine is 23.8Mpa, and it is forbidden to use overpressure.

The wooden floor hot press shall not change the running speed and unloading speed of the conveyor belt without special circumstances. For time and other parameters, it is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily change the hydraulic pipeline and electric control wiring. Do not adjust the handwheel of each valve arbitrarily. Do not open the fuel tank and air filter cover at will. If necessary, it must be handled by professionals.

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