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Mechanical system and control system for composite test press
Jul 25, 2018

In order to further improve the performance of the composite test press, the new advanced technology is specially adopted during the design, which makes the press have a high cost performance and is suitable for use in institutions, research institutes, and large factory laboratories. . In the composite test press, there are two major systems, namely the mechanical system and the control system.


First, let's take a look at the mechanical system of the composite test press: the system is compact, saves floor space, and is easy to install and maintain. The system uses a unique electric heating oil system design that saves energy and has high reliability and reduces motor noise. In practical applications, users can also easily add options such as steel stencils and cushions.


Similarly, the control system of the composite test press is also very stable and reliable, ensuring that the equipment can operate efficiently for a long time. By means of the system, the machine can realize thickness control without thickness gauge, and the hot pressing process can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet any hot pressing process. Moreover, the pressure can be well controlled within the full pressure range, and the control accuracy is 0.2mpa. In addition, the boosting, depressurizing speed, and heating rate of the composite test press can be adjusted as needed.

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