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Mechanical system characteristics of combination material test machine
Oct 26, 2018

When designing and manufacturing composite material testing presses, we not only use advanced technology, but also integrate the requirements of different users, which makes the whole machine have high cost performance. The machine is suitable for colleges, research institutes, large scales. Used in factory laboratories. The machine's electronic control system uses plc + industrial control computer.


In use, the optional configuration of the combination material test machine includes: electric heating heat transfer oil device and control system, vacuum press and vacuum pump system, steam spray system, high temperature type (above 220 degrees), cooling system. As an important part of the machine, the mechanical system has obvious advantages in structural design.


First of all, the structural test of the composite material testing press is compact and reasonable, and takes up less space. It is also very convenient to install and maintain, and uses a unique electric heating oil system design to save energy. The configured hydraulic system is stable and reliable, meeting the requirements of long-term use. The hydraulic system also uses energy storage design to save energy, reduce hydraulic temperature rise, improve reliability and eliminate the need for additional water cooling.

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