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Multilayer MDF press product parameters and closing mechanism
Jun 13, 2018

The multilayer MDF press is a medium-density medium-density fiberboard, and this kind of board is in the medium-density fiberboard. Medium density fiberboard is made of wood fiber or other plant fibers, then broken, separated and dried, then pressed with urea formaldehyde resin or other adhesive. Its density is 500-880 kg/m3 and its thickness is 5-30 mm.


Multilayer MDF press, which have some corresponding parameters, are:

Face pressure: It refers to the pressure per unit area of the slab. Under normal circumstances, it should be able to meet the thickness and density requirements of the sheet.

Nominal total pressure: The unit pressure required for the slab, the area under pressure of the slab, and the moving part of the equipment should be taken into account. In addition, if necessary, the frictional resistance must be taken into consideration. However, it can use the formula to calculate the specific value.

Number of layers: The number of press layers affects the output of the equipment. Moreover, the different production methods of the equipment will also differ in the layer spacing requirements.


The hydraulic system of the multilayer MDF press mainly includes the two parts of cooling and filtration, and they use an external circulation device so as to have a good cooling effect, and at the same time, it can also ensure that the press can be smooth and normal. run.


This is because, in the production process of multi-layered medium density fiberboard, in order to reduce the thickness of the solidified layer of the wool board and increase the production efficiency, it is required that the press can quickly close the board in a short time. For fast multi-layer closure, in order to avoid the impact and affect the stability of the press work, there is a closing mechanism on the press, especially on medium density fiberboard. Therefore, a multi-layer medium density fiberboard press has the opportunity to close the mechanism.

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