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Multilayer MDF Press Structure and Application
Mar 03, 2018

Multilayer MDF press structure, the main will include a bracket, the bracket will go to set up a hollow hot plate, the hot plate will move up and down within the bracket; the side of the hot plate connection A delivery pipe is provided, and a return pipe is provided on the other side of the hot plate. The delivery pipe and the oil return pipe are respectively connected with the heat-conducting oil warming machine.


Multi-layer medium density fiberboard presses hungry practical, in this case speaking, that is, the use of tubing will heat oil sent to the hot plate to heat it, thermal oil in the thermal oil heating machine in the heat cycle, instead of Conventional steam heating, and thus multi-layer MDF press in actual use, that is, will have a relatively simple structure, easy to implement and other related advantages.


After talking about the use of multi-layer MDF press, when the reasonable choice of equipment, the first belt you need to consider the factor that is the area of the device itself. At this point, we must pay attention to choose a more compatible area, at the same time, we should also pay attention to consider the way to open the cover, appearance and so on. As much as possible a machine. After the selection is completed, the installation and commissioning shall be conducted after the manufacturer's guidance and normal production will be used.


Multilayer MDF press into the working state After the self-test is completed, the device itself will be able to enter the working state; Next, it's operating procedures, pay attention to press the vacuum pump to open the button, then check the process parameters, check the temperature Whether to reach the set value, to set the automatic state, check the vacuum pump is not lack of oil, into the components to be laminated, one by one to check the components.


Multi-layer MDF press parked for a period of time, pay attention to the normal procedure to start, do not put the battery, this time should pay attention to the empty machine to run two cycles, this time it should be Should pay attention to the machine to remove the water vapor adsorption can be used normally.

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