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Operating characteristics of melamine paper HDF door skin press
Aug 02, 2018

The melamine paper HDF door skin press has strict requirements on the performance of the melamine paper HDF door skin press. Usually, the product thickness is less than 8 cm, so it is generally used as a substrate for composite flooring. The melamine paper HDF door press is characterized by low price, low operating energy consumption, stable quality and easy operation.


At the same time, the melamine paper HDF door skin press has the advantages of high pressure per unit area of the hot plate, reliable operation of the equipment and less maintenance. The main function of the machine is to provide the required pressure and temperature to the door skin. The pressure is generated by the hydraulic system through a hydraulic cylinder and the temperature is provided by the heating medium. According to the structure of the frame, the laminating machine can be mainly divided into two types: multi-layer laminating machine and double-layer hot pressing machine. According to the hydraulic system working medium, there can be oil pressure and water pressure.


In the current industry, melamine paper HDF door presses are usually designed in a frame structure. Due to the continuous improvement of the technical level, in actual operation, the machine also has the advantages of uniform heating, precise temperature control, simple installation, simple control, safety and reliability, etc., to meet the requirements of users.

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