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Operating requirements for furniture lamination press
Aug 03, 2018

The furniture lamination press is in use, and the pressure must be controlled. Usually, the greater the pressure, the better the quality of the product. The specific operation requirements of the furniture laminating machine are: the pressure rise should be smooth, the pressure control accuracy should be high, the constant pressure time should be accurately controlled, and the product should be evenly pressed in all directions.


In fact, in order to meet the lamination process and product production requirements, the main design of the furniture laminating machine should include the loading and unloading system, the heating system, the pressure system and the protection system. After entering normal production, the laminator enters a working state. After completing the production task, turn off all power as required. To ensure that it is not mishandled by non-operators, the emergency button can be included in the shutdown range.


It should be noted that when the furniture lamination press is re-activated after being idle for a period of time, it should be started according to the normal procedure. Do not put the battery board, run the air machine for two cycles, and remove the moisture adsorbed inside the furniture laminating machine. It can be used normally after being clean.

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