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Operational requirements and characteristics of polymer honeycomb laminating Press
Nov 30, 2018

The entire operation is usually done according to the operational requirements of the polymer honeycomb laminator and the characteristics of the device itself. The control of the circulation system of its laminated water is set on the outside, and its two stroke switches are controlled to complete. The drain valve is a cylinder that pushes the sealed zirconium ball for drainage and sealing, and the water is a small water pump.


With the operation of the polymer honeycomb laminator, when the cylinder head is at the top of the top, or when the circulating water control stroke switch is released, the drain solenoid valve is de-energized, the drain cylinder is normally closed, the drain valve is closed, and the stroke of the circulating pump is controlled. The switch is energized, the circulating water pump works, and the laminated water is injected into the cylinder body. When the water level reaches the return hole, it returns to the water storage tank through the return hole to serve the purpose of circulation.


The polymer honeycomb laminator automatic control system greatly improves the operation efficiency and facilitates the operation of the staff, and can perform the next batch of lamination work immediately after laminating a batch. The increase in work efficiency also greatly increases the productivity of the equipment.

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