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Performance characteristics and application advantages of Formica HPL production line
Oct 25, 2018

The production level of the Fumika fireproof board is high, which completely solves the situation that the production workers have high labor intensity, labor, process and low efficiency. The equipment of the Formica HPL production line has obvious advantages: unique body design, independent adjustment of sections, to meet the horizontal position of the production line installation, high strength, high precision, stable transmission, and guarantee for continuous large-scale production.


At the same time, in the actual operation, the Formica HPL production line has complete functions, and at the same time, it integrates automatic feeding, hanging, spreading, re-compression, cutting and other continuous production and multi-function, saving labor costs. At the same time, it is equipped with a double vibrating device to eliminate internal bubbles and make the plate more compact and smoother.


Secondly, in the operation of the Fumika fire board production line, the conveying system is stable and reliable, does not slip, does not run off, and is durable. Moreover, the roller can be arbitrarily adjusted up and down, and various thickness plates can be produced to meet different market demands. The stepless frequency conversion motor adopts advanced program control, adjustable speed, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

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