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Performance characteristics of melamine paper MDF door skin press
Sep 12, 2018

In the modern market, melamine paper MDF door skin presses are complete in specifications, with many colors, good bonding strength and strong load. The raw materials of the products are strictly selected. After the treatment of the melamine paper MDF door press, the finished product can be beautifully colored and the surface is flat. It is especially suitable for veneer use and high environmental protection.


In the production process of melamine paper MDF door skin press, the mold door is produced by “one-shot molding” or “two-molding” technology mainly in high-temperature and high-pressure high-heat environment. The molded door has the advantages of low carbon, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, convenience, no cracking, no deformation and the like.


For this reason, molded doors are very popular among users in the market. The door skin is an important part of the molded door, usually the door skin made of melamine paper. Therefore, it is often necessary to treat the surface of the melamine paper MDF door skin press. This can achieve good flatness without deformation. Moreover, the product has various shapes, and there are many kinds of veneer. The finished product is simple and elegant, and it is the first choice of modern minimalist style home decoration.

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