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Performance requirements and operation methods of melamine plywood hot press
Jan 11, 2019

The melamine plywood hot press is one of the main equipments in the plywood production process when it is operated. It is used to heat-glue the slab after the glue is combined. Different types of plywood have different requirements on the performance of the press. : The pressure required for the manufacture of ordinary plywood, aerospace plywood, plastic veneer, wood laminated plastic panels, and marine plywood increases in turn.

The melamine plywood hot press is divided into two types according to the operation mode: the periodic multi-layer hot press. It consists of three major components: the hot press body, the control drive section (hydraulic system and electronic control system), and the heating system.

The design data of the melamine plywood hot press can be saved and read separately to protect your work results from being stolen by others. The real-time data of each hot pressing process can be saved separately. The save format is excel worksheet, which can be copied out to other computers. Analysis. In addition to the hot plate temperature, it can record the workpiece temperature up to 9 points in the working process in real time (optional)

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