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Phenolic paper impregnation line introduction
Mar 21, 2018

Phenolic paper impregnation line adopts RS485 digital communication technology. When it is actually used, it realizes the communication control of human-machine interface (3 touch panels), PLC and Mitsubishi inverter, which can replace the traditional panel control To a large extent, the digitization of the whole machine itself is improved. Has a very good anti-jamming performance, to ensure the stability of the system itself.


The industrial-grade modular design of the phenolic paper impregnation line produces a simple human-machine dialogue with a very rich Chinese-English information prompt. This system uses a high-precision and wear-resistant mirror-metering roller and anilox roller to precisely control the glue. The quantity has the advantages of even and continuously adjustable glue. The drive roller and heat blower used in the production line are all controlled by high-efficiency and energy-saving inverters. The production energy consumption is relatively low, the synchronous line speed is stable, and the paper break rate is Extremely low.


The phenolic paper impregnation line adopts gas-liquid servo motor control to adjust the bias, so that the adjustment is relatively stable, and the paper runs smoothly; the paper cutting adopts the coding technology, and the accuracy in use is higher, and the accuracy is better. At this time, it is possible to arbitrarily set the length of the cutting time; a high-precision PID control is adopted for the temperature of the drying box on the phenolic paper impregnation line production line, and the heat insulation effect is also quite good.


The phenolic paper impregnation line production line can realize online adjustment of the synchronization ratio and system parameters. When the equipment is actually used, it can achieve the effect of inquiries and statistics on the production of the sun and the moon.


The advanced automatic tension control system used in the phenolic paper impregnation line can also be used to adjust and automatically perform the tightness of the paper feeding; the phenolic paper impregnation line production line adopts a more humanized design, stacking paper lifting table tops The inclination can also be adjusted arbitrarily. For the phenolic paper impregnated wire production line, the surface of the stand-alone equipment is treated with paint, and the appearance of the equipment is beautiful.

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