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Polymer foaming board production line operation process and wall insulation
May 03, 2018

In the process of operating the polymer foaming board production line, the foaming agent is mainly added to the slurry directly made of the cement-based cementing material, admixture, aggregate, admixture, and water. In the process of operation, it will effectively pass through the light mixing and stirring, casting and natural curing of lightweight cellular concrete.

The polymer foaming board production line is very simple and convenient in the process of construction. In the process of operation, its technical performance is more effective than its foam ceramics, phenolic foam, foam glass, foam board, polyphenylene granules, poly Benzene board, extruded board and other wall insulation materials.

The polymer foam board production line is a very ideal insulation material in wall insulation and fire protection insulation to a certain extent. In the process of operation, the product has low thermal conductivity and good insulation effect, and does not burn, waterproof, and the wall. Strong adhesion, high strength, no toxic radioactive material, environmental protection.

Polymer foaming board production line operation process

The manufacturing process of the polymer foamed board production line requires firstly a good control of the raw materials and measurement of the thermal insulation board, and to a certain extent, it is the pulping after the good material is fed, and the foaming according to the configuration is good. The agent is metered and the slurry is foamed. After mixing, the mixture is placed in a mold and poured. Pouring well to a certain extent also requires a period of curing and cutting. Finally, proper moisturizing can increase the foaming of the compounded cement. The insulation capacity of the insulation board and the insulation and fireproof performance of the insulation board are such that the composite cement foam insulation board is released.

The polymer foam board production line will have its ingredients manually and mechanically automatically compounded. In the operation, the general manufacturers are artificial ingredients. The polymer foam board production line uses ingredients that are completely automatic, and the advantages of automatic machine ingredients include: High precision, labor saving and good sealing performance can effectively reduce dust and debris contamination.

The effective elevator in the polymer foaming board production line puts the cement and the automatically configured ingredients into the pulper, adding the appropriate water according to a strict ratio, and performing uniform mixing to produce the cement slurry.

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