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Prepreg horizontal impregnation line system features
Oct 17, 2018

Today, the application of prepreg composite products continues to grow, and it also promotes the rapid development and application of prepreg horizontal impregnation lines. Relying on the extensive engineering experience in the prepreg coating field, the prepreg horizontal impregnation line with unique design and efficient coating technology has been developed, giving the prepreg many excellent properties as a composite material.


Functions and features of the prepreg horizontal impregnation line system:

1. The advanced digital communication technology realizes the man-machine interface, and uses the communication control of PLC and inverter in operation, which replaces the traditional panel control, which greatly improves the digitization degree of the whole machine. It has good anti-interference performance and ensures the stability of the system.

2. The prepreg horizontal impregnation line is specially equipped with high-precision and high-wearing measuring roller and anilox roller, so as to accurately control the amount of glue, and has the advantages of uniform and continuous adjustment.

3. The performance of the horizontal dipping line of the prepreg is stable. The transmission roller and the hot air blower are all controlled by high-efficiency energy-saving frequency converter, which has low production energy consumption, stable synchronous line speed and extremely low paper breaking rate.

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