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Pressure-feeding and stability of melamine paper partical board multilayer press
Jan 04, 2019

Melamine paper partial plate multi-layer printing presses, whether or not they are in contact with water, some greases still need to perform their lubrication, so their water resistance is an important property. Calcium soap and lithium soap grease are insoluble in water, while sodium soap is soluble in water, so it cannot be used as a lubricant that may come into contact with water. The printing process requires mixing of water, so some bearings must be protected with a good water resistance grease, otherwise the bearing life will be greatly reduced.

Stability of melamine paper partical board multilayer press

Some greases retain their original hardness after being added to the bearing, which means that the grease is very stable; this grease can soften after working for a period of time in the anti-friction bearing. If there is no good seal, it will flow from the bearing. come out. During the printing process, the dusting is continuous and covering a lot.

Pressure transfer of melamine paper partical board multilayer press

Another characteristic of grease is the ease of pressurization; in the central grease system, two kinds of greases that are equally easy to be pumped at normal temperature tend to have a large pressure at lower temperatures. different.

The difference comes from the difference in the type and proportion of the lubricating oil and soap contained in the grease. Some printing machines and nailing equipment use a central grease supply system to lubricate mechanical components. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a grease with excellent pressure delivery properties.

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