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Pressure limiting function and pressurization requirements for Honeycomb Composite Press
Jul 04, 2018

When the sealing head is lowered to its proper position, the honeycomb plate multi-layer laminating machine contacts the stroke switch, and in use, it uses four cylinders to simultaneously actuate the cylinder, and simultaneously touches four stroke switches to turn on the supercharging. The system begins to pressurize. Over temperature and under temperature alarms are set for heating protection.

The water pressure gauge of the honeycomb multi-layer laminating machine itself has a finite pressure function, and the limit pointer on the dial can be adjusted to a certain extent to determine the range of the pressure limit value. The alarm bell alarms if it cannot rise to the lower limit of the set value within the specified time or whenever the pressure exceeds the upper limit of the set value.

If the honeycomb laminating machine is under pressure, its external power is suddenly turned off, and all the electric control valves of the machine are turned to the power-off state, so that the cylinder does not operate according to the preset program, which will bring damage to the machine. The danger of the pieces. To this end, the machine is equipped with a power-off protection valve to ensure that the head does not rise when it is suddenly powered off. After the safety is determined by the treatment, if the sealing head is to be raised, there is a manual air valve on the right side of the machine, and by rotating it, the sealing head can be raised. The valve is placed in the closed state during normal operation.

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