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Pressurized protection and supporting use of furniture board laminating press
Aug 15, 2018

When the furniture board laminating press is under pressure, its external power is suddenly cut off, all the electric control valves of the machine will be turned to the power-off state, and all the electric control valves will be placed in the power-off state during operation, so that This prevents the cylinder from moving according to the preset program, which may cause damage to the machine. To this end, the machine is equipped with a power-off protection valve to ensure that the head does not rise when it is suddenly powered off. After the safety is determined by the treatment, if the sealing head is to be raised, there is a manual air valve on the right side of the machine, and by rotating it, the sealing head can be raised. The valve is placed in the closed state during normal operation.

The pressure protection of the furniture board laminating press is provided with an overpressure alarm monitored by the instrument. When the pressure exceeds its alarm pressure value, the pressure control system automatically releases the pressure. The pressure control system is also equipped with a rupture disk. If the system pressure exceeds The explosion-proof pressure value of the rupture disk, the rupture disk will rupture and the system pressure will drop.

When the furniture board laminating press is used together with the mold temperature machine, the selection process mainly includes the size of the hot pressing mold, the required temperature and the required heating time, which is purchased. The process is very important, as for the veneer version of the veneer, can be single veneer or double veneer, it is mainly to see a specific situation, standards and needs.

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