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Process characteristics oftrain carriage non-bacterium flooring board production machine
Dec 05, 2018

Train transporting sterile floor products has the characteristics of non-slip, abrasion, aesthetic and use. With the improvement of the technological level, the overall performance of thetrain carriage non-bacterium flooring board production machine has also been significantly improved. The production process is simple, the cost is reduced, and the energy consumption is also reduced. Train transporting sterile floors is an emerging floor that has been specially crafted to have a good structure.


Therefore, in the use of the train to transport the sterile floor not only has a good appearance, but also can effectively avoid the deformation of the floor caused by changes in ambient temperature and humidity. The process of transporting sterile floor production lines for trains is simple, and the products manufactured can meet various indicators.


The production of sterile floor for train transportation is mainly composed of the main equipment and auxiliary transportation equipment such as rubber coating machine, stacking machine and hot press. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, high degree of automation and wide adaptability. After being glued, the core board is respectively combined with the balance bottom plate and the panel blank, and is stacked and pre-pressed and transported to a hot press with a loading and unloading machine for hot pressing, and becomes environmentally friendly, comfortable and durable after a series of post-processing steps. Train transports sterile floors.

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