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Production process of CCL prepreg impregnation line
Aug 30, 2018

In the production of a copper clad laminate, it is required to press together a resin-impregnated filler layer and a copper foil under heat and pressure. It is usually necessary to use a hydraulic press to do this. Therefore, the CCL prepreg impregnation line includes a plurality of different equipment compositions.


The impregnation treatment of the CCL prepreg impregnation line can provide better adhesion and heat resistance between the reinforcement layer and the copper foil layer. Specifically, the reinforcing material immersed in the resin is baked and dried to change the uncured glue of the resin into a prepreg having a certain degree of curing, and then the prepreg is sliced into a prepreg. The sheet is then laminated with one or more prepregs and coated with copper foil on one or both sides, and subjected to temperature rise and pressure to form a copper clad laminate.


In practical applications, signal integrity, reliability, accuracy, and consistency are all affected by the thickness of the CCL resin layer. During the operation of the CCL prepreg impregnation line, during the laminating process of the resin, in order to fully infiltrate the glass fiber cloth in the lamination process of the copper clad laminate, in order to eliminate the small bubbles in the prepreg, the heating rate is combined. Step by step to increase the pressure.

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