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Relevant parameters and equipment maintenance of fiber glass impregnation line
Mar 17, 2018

Fiber glass impregnation line take-up and rewind This is the ability to change the roll without stopping the machine. When the glass fiber impregnation production line is actually used, it can reduce waste, and at the same time, it can reduce the cost. The automatic tension control system is used for the retractable roll. High control accuracy The winding effect is good. The winding diameter can reach 1.5 meters and the length can reach 1700 meters. The gluing on the coating head is even and the phenomenon of scraping will not occur.


Glass fiber impregnation line will mainly include lift-type unwinding units, straight trowelling units, hot air ovens, cooling traction units, double-station rollover units, racks, hot air circulation and exhaust systems, and electrical controls. Several parts of the system.


For the main technical parameters of the fiber glass impregnation line:

1. Effective coating width: 1300mm

2. Roller width: 1450mm

3. Maximum mechanical speed: 30m/min

4. Production speed: 1-30m/min

5. Maximum unwinding diameter: 1400mm

6. Maximum winding diameter: 1200mm

7. Oven form: hot air blower

8. Heat source: natural gas / electricity / thermal oil / coal

9. Electric total power: about 55KW


After that, when it comes to the maintenance of the glass fiber impregnation production line, it should be noted that when the production line is in use, it is necessary to establish a system for detecting iron absorption, desulfurization, miscibility, and metal detector sensitivity in the workshop, after which it is necessary to pay attention to the need to strengthen management. Strictly prevent metal materials, hard objects, rags, plastics, etc. Assessing the sensitivity of each shift to stop, stop, and stop self-stopping of thick rolls, if not sensitive, promptly repair and implement responsibility.


During the maintenance of the fiber glass impregnation line, attention should be paid to the surface smoothness during use. Every day, the surface finish of cylinders, doffers, cotton stripping rollers, and transfer rollers should be inspected to eliminate embedded hard objects and flowers that appear. Such phenomena. After that, it is also necessary to make full use of three suction forces to reduce the phenomenon of crushing the finished products of glass fibers.

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