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Selection of hot pressing process parameters for melamine paper laminating test press
Nov 01, 2018

In the process of laminating the melamine paper laminating test press, it is necessary to select the hot pressing process parameters reasonably. If the hot pressing temperature is too high, it will cause cracking of the blasting board and surface over-curing; on the contrary, if the temperature is too low, the surface will be insufficiently cured, and scratches will occur in other processes.


At the same time, the hot pressing time of the melamine paper laminating test machine also needs reasonable control. If the time is too long, the glue strength of the melamine paper will be lowered and the defects such as the blasting board will be insufficient; the lack of time will lead to insufficient surface curing and defects such as sticking boards. Also pay attention to the choice of the appropriate pressure. If the pressure is too large, it will cause the hydraulic system to fatigue under long-term high pressure conditions and shorten the service life of the hydraulic components. If the surface is too small, the surface bond strength is not good and the product is unqualified.


In general, during the operation of the melamine paper laminating test press, the three main choices of temperature, time and pressure are the process parameters that are the key to the control of the entire production process and the focus of quality control. The main technical parameters of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor pressing are usually: hot pressing temperature 180-190 ° C, hot pressing pressure 2.5-3.5 MPa, hot pressing time 20 to 30 seconds.

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