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Selection principle of vacuum freeze dryer
Jan 15, 2018

Vacuum Freeze dryer is a relatively complex structure of many types of dryers, it has the role of freeze-drying, involving refrigeration, vacuum, heating, and a series of knowledge. Therefore, many users in the purchase of time will encounter a pile of conditions, so, the following introduction to purchase vacuum freeze dryer should pay attention to the five parameters.

Freezing and drying area. Dryer model of the number of dry area, the user should be clear about their needs, through the corresponding formula to calculate the required freeze-drying area.

Second, the cold trap temperature. Generally, the trap water capacity is inversely proportional to the cold trap temperature. However, cold trap temperature is too low, equipment costs and refrigeration requirements will be higher. A series of experiments show that the negative 50-degree cold trap temperature is the best temperature.

Third, cooling speed. The cooling effect of the equipment depends on the cooling rate. Generally under the action of no load, the cold trap temperature of the equipment should be in the refrigeration 1 hours to achieve negative 50 degrees.

Four, the limit vacuum and the speed of the evacuation. The ultimate vacuum Displays the sealing degree of the equipment and the suction effect of the vacuum pump system. The degree of vacuum is not the higher the better, but should be in the most suitable range, however, the equipment limit vacuum is at least greater than 15Pa, and the time should not be more than half an hour.

The flatness and temperature balance of the plate layer. These two factors have a considerable impact on the quality of the equipment. In general, the more balanced the temperature and the better the smoothness, the better the quality and drying effect of the equipment. And the same use of equipment temperature range has a corresponding standard.

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