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Short Cycle Laminating Hot Press Precautions
Mar 23, 2018

The use of short cycle laminating hot press requires operation in accordance with the specifications to ensure the safety of machines and personnel. The inspection is the focus of the safety regulations. When the short-cycle veneer hot press is in use, it will include every four hours. It should pay attention to checking the heat, lubrication, and transmission of each motor, reducer, and bearing. Switch, pneumatic components work is not normal.


When the short cycle laminating hot press is inspected, it is necessary to observe whether the accumulator pressure is normal for each panel; always pay attention to whether the pressure plate and the cross beam and the frame are stuck between the press when the press is rising. If it should be timely troubleshooting, at any time pay attention to the work is not a normal rod, there is the possibility of loose off, each shift should wear the friction plate on the wear surface of the friction once.


When the short-cycle veneer hot press performs inspection, the slabs, trays, and hair boards must not stay in the press for too long to avoid a fire. In the event of a power outage, they should also pay attention to manually pushing the press descending valve. , Lower the press, launch the board; for each slab into the machine is to pay attention to whether it is possible to observe the possibility of damage to the tray, an abnormal attention to the emergency stop button.


When the short cycle laminating hot press is inspecting, pay attention to whether it is normal to push the slab into the installed car; observe whether the installed plate pushing the blank press into the press will not be stuck, and whether the wool board is fully introduced. Presses, if not all the presses should be manually pulled out, observe the baffle rise and fall in place.


When the short-cycle veneer hot press is inspecting, it should also pay attention to check whether the hot oil pump will have abnormal noise and leakage; observe whether the short-cycle veneering hot press equipment and tailgate work will be An abnormality occurred. Observe whether there is a leak in the press or the loading and unloading tubing. Pay attention to cleaning the outer surface of the heat-conducting oil pipe and the dust adhered to the press frame. Hot presses can't be arbitrarily hot.

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