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Short Cycle Laminating Hot Press process requirements and lifting
Jun 22, 2018

Short-cycle veneer hot press in the process of operation of its hot-pressing system heating up quickly, its heating system, heat transfer system carefully segmented design, the entire product of low heat consumption and thermal conductivity, Short Cycle Laminating Hot Press The establishment of the organization is reasonable, the processing precision of the accessories is high, the adjustment range of the process parameters is wide, and the control process is designed reasonably, which can meet the technical requirements of various veneer production.

Short-cycle veneer hot presses can be used to thermo compress and bond furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors and various types of wood-based panels. The veneer press series models are suitable for secondary processing of neutral furniture plants or small artificial panels ( Professional veneer) factories, such as plywood, block board, MDF, particleboard surface pressure paste a variety of decorative materials: decorative paper, decorative cloth, melamine fire board, metal foil, artificial and natural thin wood, natural thin wood parquet, not It is used for leveling and setting of single-plate dry leveling and colored decorative wood chips.

The short-cycle veneering hot press is to a certain extent, the whole machine is lifted and transported. After the equipment is in place, it is effectively checked that no looseness occurs in various parts during its use, and N46 hydraulic oil is effectively injected into the oil tank to check if there is any Oil leakage according to the provisions of the wiring, jog the motor, adjust the wiring so that it rotates clockwise.

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