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Short Cycle Laminating Hot Press specific types to understand and reference standards
Jun 06, 2018

The Short Cycle Laminating Hot Press can be understood from its name as a veneer hot press with a short production cycle and is in the hot press. Therefore, since short-cycle veneer hot presses are mentioned, and in order to achieve the correct and reasonable use of the device, the following may wish to take a good look at it, and its contents are as follows.


1. Specific types of short cycle veneer hot press

The short cycle veneer hot press, which is a veneer hot press, is in the hot press. However, it also has some specific types, such as the short-cycle rapid veneer hot press and the horizontal short-period veneer hot press. Therefore, there should be some understanding of the specific types of short cycle veneer hot presses, so as to select suitable types in different use environments.


2. Reference standard for short cycle veneer hot press

The reference standard for short-cycle veneer hot presses is LY/T 1801-2008 "Low-voltage short-cycle veneer hot presses". In addition, there may be some other standards. The LY/T 1801-2008 standard, which specifies the parameters, requirements, inspection rules, markings, packaging, transportation, and storage of a hot press with a low-voltage short-cycle veneer hot press. It is applied to the surface of wood-based panels such as particleboard, medium-high-density fiberboard, plywood, etc., and is generally a single-layer veneer hot press.


3. 1200T transverse Short Cycle Laminating Hot Pressunderstanding

1200T horizontal short cycle veneer hot press, which is a specific model and type of short cycle veneer hot press, and it is a transverse fast double veneer semi-automatic press, using an upper-mounted cylinder and frame structure. In use, it can form a fast short-cycle double veneer production line with the frequency conversion speed-advanced plate carriage and the output roller bracket. This kind of veneer hot press is mainly used to cover the surface of particle board, plywood and various fiberboards, or to decorate the surface of these plates.


The characteristics of the 1200T horizontal Short Cycle Laminating Hot Pressis that it is easy to operate and maintain, and the output of the equipment is high. Therefore, it can be used in the production of veneers and laminate flooring. In addition, the device uses PLC programmable controllers to automate operations, thereby increasing work efficiency and reducing labor costs. The technical parameters of this kind of veneering hot press are nominal pressure, feeding direction, number of transverse layers, interval between layers, number of hot pressing plates, web size, no-load closing time, power, unit slab pressure, slab 10 of these sizes.

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