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Short cycle laminating hot press working conditions and related inspection
Feb 28, 2018

The current production of short cycle laminating hot press itself will be based on photoelectric numerical control technology, the use of infrared automatic sensing technology, start the corresponding machining procedures, and ultimately, short-period veneer pressing machine in another aspect In terms of the mechanized unmanned operation will also be able to achieve the purpose and function.


In the operation of the short-period veneer pressing machine, the main method is to use a hydraulic pressure to drive the press plate to complete the automatic press-bonding process with the photoelectric technology. On the other hand, it will also achieve the corresponding calibration positioning through the infrared locator launch station contour, using the pneumatic control device and travel switch to realize the numerical control and automatic operation. In this short-period veneer heat Press to promote the use of enterprises to improve work efficiency, but also has a stable and durable features.


Short cycle laminating hot press routine inspection, the first point is concerned, that is to pay attention to check the accumulator pressure, motor, reducer, bearing heat, lubrication, transmission, pneumatic components and other components of the work is Not normal.


Note that the short-period veneer pressing machine platen and the beam with the frame there is no catching situation, pay attention to check the rod work, look at it itself will not appear loose or drop; the plate at the time of loading , That is, to pay attention to see if there may be a collision crash tray phenomenon, if the situation should immediately press the emergency button. At this time should pay attention to check the push plate into the installed car there is no situation.


Short cycle laminating hot press routine inspection also includes slab or hair plate tightly in the short period of veneer pressing machine to stay too long, to avoid fire in this device, if the power outage to manually push the press valve down, launched After the hair should also be careful to check whether there is any abnormal heat pump, look at the press, loading and unloading pipe will not leak.

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