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Short cycle lamination press, Choice DIPU first
Mar 09, 2018

Whatever it is horizontal, vertical or single, double of short cycle lamination press. The DIPU product of chipboard, medium/ high density fiberboard surface is popular in the domestic market and has good sales performance in foreign market.


Dipu short cycle laminating press adopts upper-mounted oil cylinder, frame structure, equipped with variable frequency speed control board car and out plate cylinder bracket. Adopt advanced PLC programmable control, main electrical components and hydraulic components are selected from domestic and foreign famous enterprises quality products. Machine reasonable design simple operation, convenient maintenance, high output. It is an ideal equipment for producing particleboard, fiberboard, plywood and other man-made board. It is especially suitable for the surface of melamine impregnated paper. Which is widely used in furniture, interior decoration, strengthening floor and construction industry.


For each customers’ demand, we provide the right plan, design and produce according to the actual demand, and let the customer buy the most suitable and efficient equipment. When it is necessary to change the size of the veneer frequently, the press of dipu will fully demonstrates its advantages.


1, Short closing time, press machine can achieve rapid closing and pressing.

2, Loader and unloader machine adopt straight-line guide output to achieve rapid loading and unloading.

3, Stable and fast working flow, the maximum output is 100pcs\h.

4, Labor cost saving, only need three persons to operate the whole production line.

5, High quality product, meet the production requirements of high -grade furniture or flooring.

Welcome to choice short cycle lamination press, dipu will use the high quality equipment to carry your hope, helps you achieve the success of the cause.

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