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Sizing and adjusting glue section of multilayer partical board press
Feb 06, 2019

Multilayer partical board press for rubber section
The multilayer particleboard press comprises the preparation and delivery of a paraffin emulsion and a curing agent solution, the storage of the additive and the preparation and application of the mixed glue. The table and core layer mixed glue are arranged in the centralized glue mixing machine. The preparation and application system of the mixed glue is controlled by PLC program, and automatic metering, continuous configuration, quantitative application according to the process specification, and adjustment can be performed.

Gluing section of multilayer partical board press
The table and core shavings are separately sized. The shavings are quantitatively output from the silo, passed through the vibrating discharge device, and continuously weighed by the metering device, and then equalized into the ring mixer. The mixing machine fully mixes the incoming shavings with the atomized glue, evenly glues, and automatically adjusts the amount of glue according to the change of the amount of shavings to keep the ratio of the compound set by the process constant.

Forming hot pressing section of multi-layer particle board press
The sizing table and the core layer shavings are sent to the mobile airflow paving machine by the belt conveyor, and the two sets of opposite airflow nozzles blow out the shavings to form a fine and uniform upper and lower surface with a gradual structure on the mesh belt of the forming conveyor. Wood shavings. The formed particle slab is cut into a desired length by a cross-sectional saw, and the scrap is sent back to the paving machine via the air delivery system. After the single-layer hot press completes the hot pressing, the forming conveyor synchronously transports the board out of the press and the slab into the press, and the paving machine moves in the same direction, and a new slab is laid in place.

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