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Special process and attention problem of melamine press with paper pickup robot
Nov 22, 2018

There are many details to be aware of during the installation of the melamine press with paper pickup robot. First of all, it is necessary to carefully check the basic dimensions, elevations, embedded parts, reserved hole location and foundation strength and appearance quality to meet the requirements of the design and current construction specifications. The general basic pay-off line, the vertical and horizontal center lines are measured by the theodolite, and the elevation is measured by the SD precision level. The reference line of the horizontal and vertical center line is based on the horizontal center line of the base driven roller base plate.


The second is to ensure the accuracy of the installation of the bottom plate, because this will directly affect the installation accuracy of the melamine press with the paper pick-up robot. This is also the key to equipment installation. The installation must focus on controlling the elevation of the base plate, the horizontal and horizontal levels, and the deviation of the vertical and horizontal centerlines.


In the specific installation, pay attention to the side of the melamine press with paper pickup robot with the crane to support the bottom beam and the bottom plate of the driven wheel, and hang it from the nose to the tail of the machine. Take the horizontal center line of the base roller of the nose driven roller as the reference, put on the anchor bolt, install the adjusting bolt and the block, connect the horizontal connecting piece, longitudinally support the bottom beam, connect with each other, tighten the fastening bolt, and lower the chain The guide bracket is placed between the two supporting bottom beams.

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