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Structural form of Phenolic Paper Plywood Lamination Press and principle of transmitting pressure
Jan 09, 2019

The Phenolic Paper Plywood Lamination Press has the advantages of high pressure per unit area of the hot plate, reliable operation and less maintenance, and the main function of the phenolic paper ply laminating machine is to provide the pressure and temperature of the plywood, and the pressure thereof. It is generated by a hydraulic system through a hydraulic cylinder and the temperature is provided by a heating medium (usually steam).

The Phenolic Paper Plywood Lamination Press can be effectively divided into two types: multi-layer laminating machine and double-layer hot pressing machine according to the structure of the frame; according to the number of working layers, there can be multiple layers and double layers, according to the hydraulic system. The working medium can be divided into oil pressure and water pressure. In the woodworking industry, multi-layer laminating machines are used earlier. The laminating machines used in China in the past are mostly column structures, but currently more frame structures are used.

Phenolic Paper Plywood Lamination Press is literally understood. To a certain extent, it is mainly a mechanical device that presses a plurality of materials together. Its structural system mainly includes loading and unloading system, heating system, pressure system and protection system. The laminating machine generally has three or more hot pressing plates, which is one of the special production equipment for the chip multilayer ceramic capacitor. Its function is to uniformly transfer the pressure through the water, and then pass the water in the sealed container. Pressurize to form a high-pressure system, and uniformly apply pressure to the capacitor block placed in the water to make the structure dense and the surface flat, to meet the production process requirements.

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