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Synchronization Laminating Press For Flooring Process and Principle
May 16, 2018

During the pressurization process of the Synchronization Laminating Press For Flooring, if the outside world suddenly loses power, all of the electronically controlled valves in the equipment will be turned to the power-off state, which will cause the cylinder to behave incorrectly. This machine will be provided with a power-off protection valve to a certain extent, so that it can be ensured to a certain extent that the head does not rise when the power is suddenly cut off. After processing to determine safety, if you want to raise the seal head, there is a manual valve on the right side of the machine. Turn it to raise the seal head. The valve is closed during normal operation.

The pressure control system of the Synchronization Laminating Press For Flooring will effectively install the rupture disk in the pressure control system. If the system pressure exceeds the explosion-proof pressure value of the rupture disk during the operation, the rupture of the rupture disk will reduce the pressure of the system.

Floor Synchronous Laminator Process and Principle

In the process of operating the Synchronization Laminating Press For Flooring, the porcelain dielectric material can be effectively injected into the steel belt of the extension machine according to certain technological requirements, and it can be dried and removed by casting. After the film, it becomes the dielectric material of the capacitor, and then the laminated internal electrodes are repeatedly laminated on the ceramic dielectric film using a precise laminated screen printing technique. Each layer of the laminated electrode is pressed by a press stage and then printed to form a component bar.

In order to make the structure of the bar compact, the Synchronization Laminating Press For Flooring will effectively install the bar in the plastic film bag during the operation, and effectively seal the bag after vacuum, and place it in the container to some extent. In hot water, the container is sealed and pressurized to 30 Mpa or more. After the components are pressed uniformly in water, the loose structure becomes even and dense, which ensures the consistency of the electrical performance of the components and effectively improves the quality of the product.

When the Synchronization Laminating Press For Flooring is in operation, no matter which type of laminator is used, the working principle is the same when it is used. In the operation, the pressure is applied on the surface of the multilayer material. These substances can be effectively compacted together. The difference is that according to the purpose of lamination, the conditions for lamination are different.

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