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System design and energy saving of full function experiment press
Dec 21, 2018

The full function experiment press is compact in structure and small in space. It is very convenient in the process of installation and maintenance. The whole equipment is designed with unique electric heating oil system, which saves energy. The hydraulic system uses a large number of imported famous brands. Product, high reliability.

The energy storage design of the hydraulic system of the full function experiment press saves energy, reduces hydraulic temperature rise, improves reliability and eliminates the need for additional water cooling. Reduce motor noise, and it is easy to install steel template, cushion and other options.

full function experiment press control system

1. The electrical system of the full function experiment press is a well-known brand, and its quality is very stable and reliable when it is used.

2. Can realize thickness control without thickness gauge

3. The hot pressing process is arbitrarily adjusted to meet any hot pressing process.

4. The user can split the entire hot pressing process into no more than 30 segments, and each process can be arbitrarily set.

5. The pressure can be well controlled within the full pressure range, and the control accuracy is 0.2mpa. Especially in the low pressure section (0-2mpa) is equally excellent.

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