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System maintenance and working status of paint-free multi-layer melamine faced press
Feb 08, 2019

Sealing strips are required for the panels of the paint-free multi-layer melamine faced press. Some units press the EVA strips in the concave grooves of the frame to seal. The EVA is melted with a hair dryer. If EVA is used as the frame seal, be sure to put the panel after the frame is placed in the curing oven for curing. Otherwise, when used outdoors, EVA will repeatedly melt and absorb a large amount of dust under the sun. In addition, the sealant must not use colored gelatin, otherwise the pigment will slowly diffuse into the EVA inside the panel, and the panel will change color after one year of use.

The maintenance of the paint-free multi-layer melamine faced press is the maintenance of the vacuum system. When the laminator is used for a period of time, the vacuum of the laminator is reduced. When it is reduced to a certain extent, bubbles appear on the panel. Therefore, it is required to check daily whether the vacuum pump is short of oil. Check whether the oil level of the vacuum pump reaches the window oil level line under working conditions. When it is insufficient, it should be made up, but not excessive.

The over-pressure alarm monitored by the meter is set in the pressure protection of the paint-free multi-layer laminator. The pressure control system automatically relieves pressure when the pressure exceeds the alarm pressure value. A rupture disk is also installed in the pressure control system. If the system pressure exceeds the explosion-proof pressure of the rupture disk, the rupture disk will rupture and the system pressure will drop.

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