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Test lamination press process design essentials
Nov 28, 2018

The key to testing the laminator in the lamination process is the control of the pressure. Under normal circumstances, the greater the pressure, the better the product quality. The specific requirements for pressure control are: steady pressure rise, high pressure control accuracy, constant pressure control, and uniform pressure in all directions.


In order to meet the process requirements and product quality requirements of the test laminator, the structural design of the main body of the device includes four parts: the loading and unloading system, the heating system, the pressure system and the protection system. In short, in the course of its work, a certain amount of pressure is applied to the surface of the multilayered material to tightly press the materials together. According to the above concept, the main workflow of the designed laminating machine is as follows:


1. The water in the heating vessel should reach a certain temperature and always maintain this temperature;

2. When the product is loaded, the sealing head drops;

3. Reasonably set the working pressure and constant pressure time of the test laminator, and apply pressure and pressure;

4. Automatic pressure relief after the pressure is completed;

5. The sealing head rises and the product is taken out.

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