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The advantages and characteristics of temperature testing press
Mar 14, 2018

Speaking of the advantages of the rapid temperature change test box, it adopts imported high-quality components for assembly and uses compressed air to drive; digital display, temperature PID control is relatively simple to operate and does not require special maintenance. . And after this equipment has undergone a comprehensive technical upgrade. After retaining the original good reliability and ease of use, it also added a dozen technical improvements.


On the current use of the temperature testing press hot plate temperature is relatively uniform, hot plate 16 temperature measurement temperature difference of 3.0 °C, 9 measurement temperature difference at 2.5 °C; on this hot plate parallelism ≤ 0.03 mm; after speaking, In fact, we should also pay attention to this temperature control technology improvements, can improve the off test temperature and red temperature and other phenomena.


When the temperature testing press is in use, it will have fully automatic and its high-precision system loops, any movement of the parts. This time, it can completely complete the PLC lock processing, and all of them will also use PID automatic calculation. Control, temperature control accuracy is relatively high. Designing this advanced scientific circulation of air, this time, it will make the room temperature even and avoid any dead ends.


The temperature test press has a complete safety protection device. In this way, it can avoid any potential safety hazards and ensure the long-term reliability of the equipment. After the device is actually used, it is also possible to set the number of cycles and the number of defrosting times to automatically (manually) defrost.


The outlet of the temperature testing press is detected and controlled by the return air sensor, the flap mechanism switching time can be completed within 10 seconds, and the temperature recovery time of the hot and cold shock can be completed in 5 minutes. When the temperature test press is in operation, there is a status display and a curve display. When an abnormal condition occurs, the fault point and cause will be automatically displayed on the screen immediately, and the troubleshooting method will also be provided.

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