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The advantages of the production line of the fireproof Board plate making Machine
Jan 15, 2018
Fire Board machinery Production line has completely changed the production of magnesium glass plate labor, cumbersome procedures, low labor efficiency of the comprehensive situation, is the fire board production enterprises to achieve volume production, improve production efficiency and economic benefits, to achieve large-scale operation of a powerful tool. Equipment Features: 1, the Board machine has 7 parts, the feeding section is controlled by one group of motor, according to the worker's proficiency and the thickness of the fire board can be adjusted, forming a fixed thickness has a group of motor control, the final board has automatic push plate machine to automatically promote the maintenance of the plate, in this work site can be omitted from the original 2 workers, Increase the automation of our equipment, saving labor costs. 2, High output: The production line can be adjusted, the class output of 1500 to 2600, can be adjusted according to market conditions. 3, the specifications of the plate can be adjusted: can produce 2-40mm of various specifications of the plate, if special requirements, can be customized equipment. 4, fire board machinery can produce a variety of products: glass magnesium flat, flue plate, sand plate, pulp board, composite central air-conditioning ventilation piping board, strengthen the glass magnesium plate, glass beads particles insulation board, polystyrene particles insulation Board, partition board, external wall insulation board and other products. 5, reduce the amount of labor, 6 people can complete the entire line of production tasks, and low labor intensity.

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